Postpartum doula services

Research shows that women who have competent postpartum support have greater success breastfeeding, more self confidence and fewer cases of postpartum depression.  Our goal is to help your entire family achieve confidence and joy in your "new normal" and we will work with you to craft a package that helps you achieve that goal because we're InThisTogether.

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InThisTogether Gifts

InThisTogether offers uniquely crafted gifts hand delivered by our postpartum doula. An encouraging word or listening ear makes each gift that much more special. Helping new families gain confidence through education and support is what we do best because we're InThisTogether.

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Welcoming a new baby is so exciting!

The only thing that exceeds your baby's needs is your deep love for them!   We know how overwhelming those first days and weeks can be and we're here to help.

InThisTogether is a postpartum doula service. A postpartum doula serves the family by providing in home education and support after the birth of a new baby. She does this by assisting with newborn care, aiding mom during postpartum recovery, helping with sibling adjustment, as well as helping  design and implement new household systems to ease the transition for each family member.

We're so excited about your new addition and we're here for you because we're InThisTogether.


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