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from pee sticks to parenting

You are the best mother for your baby. That's certain from the start.

The noise about how to do it all can be deafening. All the voices and choices can be overwhelming and leave you feeling uncertain.

InThisTogether is in the business of strong foundations based on the belief that you are the best parent for your child. Helping you smooth out the edges around all the hows is what I do.

Education. Support. Confidence.

CLASSES offered during pregnancy help educate you about all the changes coming and set realistic expectations.

CONSULTS are hands-on, in-home care that helps you drown out the noise and parent the way that is best for you with confidence.

TheMotherhoodProject is the gold standard of postpartum care. This holistic  plan lays out support for new motherhood with timely visits for hands-on, in-home newborn care with me and your physical recovery with a physical therapist specializing in postpartum care.

We cover all the bases.

Baby Prep & Plan


Bring that belly and let's talk all things baby! What to expect. How to plan. What's normal? Breastfeeding?! But my friend's baby...

Baby Prep & Plan is an all encompassing "what to expect" but with the twist of being tailored to your families specific needs and goals. This class gets you educated and leaves you with a clear plan for postpartum.

Breastfeeding education and preparation  taught by a Certified Lactation Counselor.

Both are private classes scheduled at the birthing couple's convenience.




You tell me what's not working and we fix that

Parent education and personalized consults are a professional at your side, in your pocket, at your thumbs for any and all things relating to the first weeks and months of your new life.

~breastfeeding consults- I'm a Certified Lactation Counselor!

~hands on in home newborn education and recovery support - this is traditional postpartum doula work!

~family routines and systems consults

~normal infant sleep consults

~back to work consult

~baby led weaning consults

~baby sign consults

~babywearing consults

~adding more babies consults



Your well mama visits

Doing this work means challenging our cultural standard of care when it comes to new motherhood.  Creating a plan that holistically  meets the needs of new mothers and their babies. TheMotherhoodProject is two professionals' endeavor to create a new normal, the gold standard of care, for  both mothers and babies in the time postpartum. We can do better. This is how.



Mugs for Moms


Mugs for Moms is a local  mug-gift delivery service born from a need for connection.

A mug with a gift card for a much needed small outing to the coffee shop, a little treat just for her, and a card with your message to her, all delivered to her doorstep. Mom friends are the best. Distanced but not disconnected. Moms supporting moms is how we do life. And Mugged for anyone. This is easy-happy.


Contact me. I'll help.