"I was blessed to receive April (her time) as a gift and I was hooked because she was/is so genuine and truly cared about me and how I was doing as a new mom. Best baby shower gift for me!! -Gabi V.

"When I was pregnant I knew I wanted April. When I found out there was a chance I wouldn't get my birth plan, I knew I NEEDED her. She was such a blessing to my heart and my best friend on all things Mommy. I don't think I would have been able to be successful in my BF journey without her constant love, support, and encouragement. I have her to thank for building my confidence and strength and helping me establish such a great nursing relationship with my LO. I really will never be able to express my thankfulness for her life and insight. She is beyond amazing." -Lindsay R.

"April gave me some of the best new momma advice after I had my first son L, and then again after I had my daughter J, just 15 months later. She was so loving and kind and she gave my heart so much encouragement. Trust me, you want her by your side!!"- Rosie A.

"April is the most genuine, caring and passionate person I know. She's whole heartedly family centered and brings those values to the clients she works with. Love her!" -Jennie

"April is such a passionate and caring woman and mother!! Anyone would be so blessed to have her along side them as they journey into parenthood."- Liz H.

"April is an amazing mother who also is passionate about moms and babies feeling and being supported! If you are thinking about hiring a postpartum doula, you won't go wrong hiring April!" -Amy K.

"I have never seen a smile as bright as April's when she is with a baby. It is clearly her life's passion to aid in bringing life into the world. I think this journey is meant for her, and I would be happy to have her assist me."- Sarah M.

"April was right there after the birth of my two girls. Her support was a total lifesaver. From breastfeeding concerns to baby behavior to sleeping questions. I felt loved every step of the way. She even brought a home cooked meal for a night when I was just too tired to cook. She is part of our family forever !!" -Summer W.

"April is truly an amazing person. She is such a caring and wonderful mother and friend. I couldn't think of anyone better to have by your side than April." -Lisa P.

"April is a blessing to all who know her and she will be for you too. She is honest, trustworthy, and thoughtful.. She will make you laugh and will even be with you when your overwhelmed. She is a great sound board, with wisdom just ready to share when needed. She is patient, loving and calm. She is what a true friend is. Someone who will be there, who will care for you and your sweet family like she does her own." -Melinda B.

"Wonderful mother, very passionate and helpful. Always wants what is best for the entire family!" -Erin L.

"This woman is a warm, caring, experienced and devoted person. She will take care of you and your baby, heart & soul. No doubt." -Julie R.