connections are for everyone

"Thank you for always being here for me. You are amazing as always. I miss you tons."

"I miss you! I now realize the truth in the saying 'absence makes the heart grow fonder.' I think you're awesome and strong and courageous and I'm so glad I know you."

"People fortunate enough to have you in their life are so lucky and blessed."

All of your messages are heartfelt and so impactful. It's such a good thing. The mom to mom about kids and the connection of what motherhood is and does still stands. But not one of these messages speaks to only moms. It could be to anyone. It should be to whomever your someone is.

If you think of them, you can tell them so. If you're grateful. If you miss them. If they make you smile. You can and should tell them so and here's a nice little how.


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