how it’s going

how it's going


I crave the real and the flaws. The notion of perfection bores me. Give me the truth. Because beauty is most acutely seen after hardship. And if that isn't what motherhood is, I don't know what is.

So when I say I see you, I mean it. This work is hard and tireless. And I've been watching this work, a mother's work, our work, since I was 11 years old. I couldn't understand it all fully. But I do now. And I know without doubt what women are capable of when they are given the chance to be confidently imperfect and themselves.

When I started InThisTogether I set out to walk next to mothers, determined to see them become confidently themselves in their new role.  And I have. It looked a certain way for a long time. A way that included me explaining what the work was and getting blank stares. And lots and lots of "If I'd only have known!”

In the face to face, shoulder to shoulder with the mothers I serve, it became more and more of me simply asking "What do you need?' Listening more and talking less while helping moms and families navigate the changes that make them feel like they're on uneven ground.

I'm walking into year 5 of this work listening more than ever. And what I've realized is that maybe it's not as helpful to lay out a mile long list of different  services I offer that are defined as "postpartum doula work." Because I know that you might need more and I know I can do more.

Maybe it's more helpful to say "I'm so excited for you. Tell me what needs smoothed out."  Motherhood and parenting are huge endeavors.  So I'll ask again, "What do you need?"

Your goals are my goals. As we work toward them together I'll show you again that I believe so deeply in your ability to mother your baby by helping you achieve those goals.  Always endeavoring to stay true to the mission and promise to use this gift I've been given of having observed all this motherhood to help you walk confidently into and through yours.



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