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Dr. Allison Ingley PT, DPT

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Dr. Sam Parkhurst PT, DPT

Postpartum recovery can feel like a lonely island sometimes. Many parents report feeling like the time between childbirth and their follow up with their medical provider was the time when they felt most alone and unsure of what was “normal.” Some people experience pain from stitches or the childbirth experience in general, others experience urine leakage or an inability to control their gas. Some think they should get back to exercising within the first few days or weeks and others are fearful of doing anything that might make things worse. And what the heck does sex even look like now? In this program, we will come to you during this time and help you navigate your postpartum recovery with an individualized plan tailored to your experience and goals.

With April - your prenatal and postpartum guide

-Home visit for space assessment and registry creation
-Birth education consult and homework to create your birth plan
-Virtual check in on birth plan and suggestions
-In person birth plan presentation and follow up on registry and item choices as well as any other new issues
-Comprehensive prenatal parenting class.  End of pregnancy, first days and transtioning home, recovery care, infant care, parenting forward and mental health.
-2 in home breastfeeding support visits in the frist week of life from a CLC
-Week 3, 6, 9 are visits scheduled as needed. These often include partner return to work, birthing parent return to work, and sleep consults.

With CoreStrong your pelvic floor therapists

Pregnancy Visit (34-36 weeks pregnant): This in-clinic assessment will last 1 hour and focus on relieving current pains and discomforts, connecting to your deep core and pelvic floor muscles and learning about beneficial stretching and education leading up to labor and delivery. You will leave with a home program full of essential stretches, bowel and bladder management and any necessary breathing and strengthening exercises to increase your own intuitive knowledge of what will feel good for your body.


In-Home Movement Appointment (2-3 weeks post delivery): We come to your home for this 1 hour visit. Meeting you where you are and listening to your labor and delivery experience; we will address your goals, provide support for how you move throughout your day, and educate you on scar tissue care and the tissue healing process. We will help you become aware of your deep core and pelvic floor muscles as they are healing. The session will end with beneficial stretches, hydration and bowel support and recommendations for any other support you may need in order to guide you through the next month of healing.


Thriving Postpartum Evaluation (6-8 weeks post delivery): This is a 1.5 hr in-clinic evaluation that assesses full trunk range of motion; lower extremity, core and pelvic floor strength and education on the continuation of the healing process. We will aid you in re-connecting to your breath and your core stabilizing muscles. You will walk out of our clinic with a home program that is individualized to you and focuses on your specific needs and goals to return to daily life activities and exercise.


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