That Mug Life

☕️Ready to mug some humans right now. Love that mug life.


It's a "thinking of you" text, in the form of a mug!

A mug with a gift card, a treat and the tiniest, cutest little card with your personal message.

Here's why it's great...

It shows up on her doorstep

It's sort of like when the Valentine's Day candy grams were a thing in high school but there's no Algebra or boy drama.

It's women thinking of and supporting other women.

We all need easy-happy.

This is easy-happy.


A little gift, a lot of support

That mug life


What's in there? How Much?

Each mug includes:

*a sweet treat

*$5 coffee shop gift card for a trip out of the house- because we all need out of the house- please let us out of the house

*the cutest little card for your personal message.

All bagged and hand delivered to their door for you.  You should always send the thinking of you text but you can also send a little extra just because.

Distanced but not disconnected.

That mug life

$30 Local delivery

$38 Ship It



They're not a mom. Not a problem. Mugged: for Anyone


It's about the (metaphorical) shoulder tap of a reminder that we still have each other. It's like a thinking of you text in a mug. A mug with a treat, and a gift card but the heart of it all is the words. Their words on a tiny card. And that tiny card is where the magic is. The " I see you. I believe in you. I am in awe of you. Your presence in my life means so much."

Words matter. They matter so much.

So it started with moms. I'm a mom. I work with new moms as a postpartum doula. As the moms sent to moms, the mission was recived and it grew. And then one day it wasn't just about moms. It was about an elderly neigbor that they hadn't met yet but would like to reach out to. It was about a coworker having a rough week. It was about a sister that wasn't yet. It was about seeing someone through loss. Mugged was born. Same idea, but for any human. Our circle of support can and should be wide. I would never be the one to limit those chances. So what started as local delivery only three weeks ago has grown to shipping nationwide. We can mug whomever we want. Mugs for Moms and Mugged: for anyone.

This is easy-happy.

Connection matters, no matter who you are.

For all the humans.

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