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InThisTogether was founded on the idea that women deserve to walk into motherhood educated, supported and confident.

Our current maternal health norms leave much to be desired.  The chasm between birth and follow up care is where we need a bridge.

TheMotherhoodProject is a collaborative effort. You and two professionals covering all the new motherhood essentials.

A comprehensive roadmap of pregnancy and new parenthood that includes hands on, in person visits and virtual consults for prenatal planning, birth education, breastfeeding and newborn care as well as realistic postpatum help that walks you through the early days with empahsis on your mental and emotional wellbeing.

All the details of this new reality covered and  partnered with scheduled visits with one of 4 Pelvic floor PT's to facilitate your whole physical recovery starting in late pregnancy through recovery from birth.

10 visits with April Partnered with support from a pelvic floor therapist that will create a plan with you that covers birth prep and continued support for your whole recovery from birth.

We cover it all.

Women deserve knowledgeable support when it comes to mothering their newborns AND their own physical recovery.

That's what we do. Your team and a plan just for you.

Your well mama visits


With April - your prenatal and postpartum guide

10 visits with April 

-Home visit for space assessment and registry creation
-Birth education consult and homework to create your birth plan
-Virtual check in on birth plan and suggestions
-In person birth plan presentation and follow up on registry and item choices as well as any other new issues
-Comprehensive prenatal parenting class.  End of pregnancy, first days and transtioning home, recovery care, infant care, parenting forward and mental health.
-2 in home breastfeeding support visits in the frist week of life from a CLC
-Week 3, 6, 9 are visits scheduled as needed. These often include partner return to work, birthing parent return to work, and sleep consults.

With your pelvic floor therapist

Your plan with your pelvic floor therapist will depend on your specific needs and will be scheduled directly with them. Your choice can be made based on location or preference and each one will create a plan with and for you.

Dr. Missy at Affiliate PT Clintonville

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See what a plan with April & Dr. Missy looks like.


Dr. Allison and Dr. Sam at CoreStrong

sam and alison 2

See what a plan with April & CoreStrong looks like.


Linday at Anchor Pelvic Health & Wellness


See what a plan with April & Lindsay looks like.


Our heart for helping new mothers, in each of our respective fields, and our desire to see this level of support become the norm means we have teamed up to set the bar higher. We're so excited to be doing something new! New and so needed.

 Women deserve knowledgeable support when it comes to mothering their newborns AND their own physical recovery. That's what we do.

We're your bridge. We're here to walk you through it. Promise

AWESOME! What do I do next?!

Fill out the contact form with questions, goals, telling us about you! You can't say too much! We're excited to get to know you.

We will then set up a time to FaceTime about all of it!

Time to bridge the gap.

All signs point to yes. Go. Let's do this.


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